At Extra Space, we are committed to being good corporate citizens and running a company that is built to last. We achieve our goals through our ongoing efforts to improve the sustainability of our operations through environmental, social and governance best practices.

Environmental Highlights

  • $19.8 Million in solar investments in 2022
  • 55% of REIT owned properties have solar power
  • Four consecutive years of GHG emissions reduction in our like-for-like pool
  • 80% less carbon emissions than the real estate sector average, according to data from Urban Land Institute’s Greenprint Performance Report.
  • 4.9% reduction in water use intensity per square foot
  • 44 new energy efficient HVAC systems installed
  • 48 new sustainable roofing projects completed
  • $1.6 million invested in our on-going lighting retrofit program, which now creates over 13 million kwhs in energy savings annually.

Governance Highlights

  • 2020, 2021 & 2022 Nareit “Leader in the Light Award” Winner
  • 90% of our board of directors are independent
  • Nareit “Communications and Reporting Excellence” (CARE) award winner
  • 30% of directors are women
  • Separate Chairman and CEO
  • Stockholder ability to amend bylaws
  • Annual advisory vote to approve executive compensation

Social Highlights

  • 82% Employee Satisfaction score
  • Forbes: Best Mid-size Employer
  • Employee donate over 510,000 meals to Feeding America food banks
  • Over $45,000 worth of storage space donated to charities
  • Worksite Wellness Council: Platinum Award Winner
  • Gender Pay Parity – women at Extra Space earn $1 for every $1 earned by men in similar jobs
  • DEI Scholarship Program “There’s Space for Everyone” awards 8 annual scholarships
  • Participated in Project Destined internship program as a corporate sponsor
  • Newsweek: America’s Best Customer Service Companies
  • Newsweek: America’s Most Trustworthy Companies

Historical Solar Production

Extra Space has been investing in solar panels on our facilities for over a dozen years. This year we invested $19.8 million into solar builds and have over a hundred installation projects in planning, development, and building phases. As of December 31, 2022, 55% of our REIT wholly-owned facilities had solar panel systems. Our solar efforts reduce our grid electricity consumption while targeting a great financial return, showing clearly how sustainability can be at the intersection of what is good for the environment, the community, and our shareholders.